A Journey in Hexagons

It is rare that a tattoo is so well documented, let alone two tattoos, but luckily, both of these amazing humans are brilliant with a camera. Therefore, we both have amazing photos, and a whole video of the project below.

The story of these sleeves probably starts well before i even got involved, as both Yulia and Korre were quite confident in their plans. Part one was the Mandalas on each arm, that you see centered in the image below.
After this, it became a Journey in Hexagons, where i got to explore this shape in myriads of ways.

The first mandala on Korre

The first mandala on Yulia

The image above and below shows one of my favourite bits on Korre – The bee-hive like design, with small elements of deep red inside.

On Yulia, my favourite part is definitely also that which challenged me the most – On her shoulder she had an old circular design, which needed heavy reworking. In the end, i came up the shape and form below, a somewhat fiery mandala that i really like the result of.