What is Northern Black?

Northern Black is the culmination of my projects, and the latest result of what i have been searching for, over the last decade.
It is the refining and definition of thoughts and ideas i have been working on and with for years, trying to process some sort of determined goal for my career.
It is a merging of passion and work, creativity and discipline, and it certainly contains the many aspects and facets of many years of creative development.
It is a brainchild and a chaotic horse of creativity that i have tried to rein in and control enough to put it into the shape of a website.

Some things are of course lost in translation, but i hope to capture and refine the gist of it all.

It is also in part a mirror of my life, telling stories of my work, my projects and my life in general.

It is also a dedication to my craft and creativity, an understanding that there is a price to pay for the work i create, and to find the balance in this i have forged what is now becoming Northern Black.

It is worth mentioning, that this was once Black Mantra, and before that it was Meatshop tattoo. And even before that, something else entirely, and before that again, it was just creativity, not even tattooing. What i create today under the name Northern Black, is what is so far the end-result of my many years as a creative, but with a polished edge of Nordic tattoos.

In the latest year we have also added a Webshop to our projects, been working on books under the name Northern Wind and much more. We try to streamline what we are doing under the defining name – Northern Black

The meaning of Northern Black

It almost goes without saying, but just because it is good form to let people know “What is in a name”, here it is –
Northern Black ties in to several things, where i am from, the history of Northern Europe, and of course to the use of Black ink in my work. My work has always had darker connotations, and as the years have gone by, the density of my work has increased, as has my love for more solid areas of black.

A link to my Instagram, and our link-tree that leads to our webshop and You-tube and much more.