“Elegance and power, with an equal measure of black skin and clean patterns, an homage to Japanese design, without clich├ęs and historical clashes”

Most of the project was hand drawn on the skin, to create the proper dynamic and the changing shapes. Focusing on a heavier and denser style then i often get the chance to, this was an enjoyable journey into proper blackwork.

The inner arm is in principle very Art Deco, but stylewise i focused on the clean lines of Japanese architecture. I have no doubt my experience with Nordic Bindrunes gave me an advantage while doing this.

The choice of pattern is of course a sayagata pattern.

I added the Unalome because of its importance to Buddhist culture and history, and because to me it fitted so very well to my clients journey, both physically and mentally, to get the tattoo itself.


Photography by Heywood Similon