Wyrm and Wolf

Also known as the WyrmWolf!
This piece is highly inspired by both Nordic and Finnish cultural art, and is high on my list of favourites for its high density and detail.

The whole beast is packed with details relating to nature and to runic magic. This, combined with the deep red ink gives it a very intense look that i really enjoy creating.

The reason for the WyrmWolf name is its mutated and hybridised nature. It is one beast with 2 heads, which luckily worked out quite well on the sturdy frame of Jari.

Adding spirals to both shoulder and elbow works perfectly for the dynamic forms, and with the pattern filler, it becomes near hypnotic.

The whole project was done in the breaks between UK lockdowns, and involved a lot of masks and muffled conversations. I sincerely hope i never have to work wearing this primitive welding-helmet again.

You can see more of the whole project on the video below