the Jorvik Berserker

This was definitely one of those times were i went a little overboard on details and madness, plus forgot to think in a rational planning manner. You can learn the details of this madness in the video below.

The image on the arm depicts a wolf fighting numerous snakes and wyrms, which represents the Anglo Saxons fighting the Norsemen.
The chest carries a contemporary styled bear, with Nordic ornaments, to represent the berserker.

Due to the miracles pulled by Heywood, we have a full video of this project, telling the story of it and showcasing it in details. Enjoy, and don’t forget to follow us on Youtube 🙂

The transition between the hand, armbands and the rest of the arm is one of my favourite details to have done in all time, it is abrupt and brutal, but still dynamic and flowing, which I love.