Victorian geometry in teal

“Hexagons, Filigree and Teal, that about sums it up”.
Working with the contrasts of skin vs black & teal, and hexagons vs victorian filigree was really one of the better challenges i have been given in a while. It almost seemed strange that i had not been combined it before.

The filigree was all hand drawn to create the right flow and make it fit on the joints, and the disintegrating hexagons was added by hand as well.

Figuring out how to combine these elements the right way was not easy, but once i got my head around it, it was all of a sudden logic, and came really easily to me afterwards. Once a lesson is learned, it luckily tends to stick in my mind.

Most of the Victorian filigree was freehanded on, to create a proper flow and dynamic. The geometric designs were all based on hexagons, and we went with a mix of 2D designs and some more prominent 3D designs.