“Any Einherjar of Valhalla will know the songs and poetry of heroes, and each can retell the dark tales of the coming of Ragnarok. But a warrior wearing the stories woven into his skin, for such a man there would always held a high seat”

Skaldlind is project that was by now started long ago, but is of great joy to work on. Each element is from the sagas and to me this has turned into an armour that tells the tales of the beasts and beings of the nine worlds of Yggdrasil. So i have named it Skaldlind, meaning Shield of Tales, or Shield of Boast if you will.

The inner arm is dominated by a godmask, or to me, a Trollmask. The specific design is inspired by a carving on the Oar-eye on a Norwegian viking-ship. I like the idea of it being a prominent giant, like Sutr or even Jotnar Loki. It also carries a custom-made galdrestafur.

The outer arm is dominated by an aggressive wyrm, could be Nidhogg or Jormungandr. The shoulder carries a classic Aegishjalmur, while the wrist has another custom made Galdrestafur

More will be added to this project over the coming years of course. There are still many tales to tell.

Photography by Larissa Manibog