Nomadic armour

“A delicate journey into geometry, with a sidedish of tenaciousness and stubborness”
Marlo’s backpiece was done by me in 2015, at a time where Marlo had managed to get herself a chemical lung-infection, which she was trying to heal from. Part of that healing seemed to be 3 intense and long days of tattooing in Copenhagen, going through rather tough sessions in order to finish and travel back home to New Mexico.


Second part of the journey has been both arms, done in collaboration between meself and Inga. Every aspect has been a bit of both, from designing the geometry to dotting in all the fine details.


The style is a choice of balance between soft Victorian shapes and harder geometric shapes, and the patterns on the sleeves are highly inspired by Gaudi’s honeycomb-designs that was used for the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Work has been done on this project in Spain, Copenhagen, New York and New Mexico, and will continue most likely in England this year.

Photography by Heywood Similon & Peter Madsen