Armour of Wyrms

Armour of Wyrms is probably the tattoo that defines my work the most. It is definitely the tattoo that is most referenced when i receive emails, and it is also the tattoo that every single client knows and remembers. I will admit, i surely remember it as well, every bit of it.

I remember the communication i had with my client Marcin back when he wanted to book. I was still relatively new to tattooing, and i definitely felt that way, and he was Very sure of what he wanted, but not in the way of telling me what he wanted it to look like. No, he simple said that he wanted the best tattoo i have ever done. To this day, I think he might still have the best tattoo i have ever done, as there is something extraordinarily powerful in this piece, including the fact that it is the first of such armour-tattoos i have ever made.

The style of choice was the magical Urnes style. Even though it is of a late date, it still resonates with many as a perfection of the Viking-era. I personally find it to be a wonderfully challenging style, as there is no space for compromise, and everything needs elegance and balance.

There was never any compromise on the level of details either, every aspect was hand-drawn on, and the pattern starts at one wrist, and finishes again on the other.

Maybe one day, this will turn into a body-suit. We shall see.

Photos by Kobaru