Gallery of old works

In the earlier days of my career, i was good at getting a single photo or two taken of my work, but not the extensive shoots i do now. Because of this, i have made this “folder”, to showcase my older work that still deserves a mention, but has less documentation than the newer stuff.

The Armour of Skadi – New photoshoot pending

This was another early challenge, and to me at the time is was a very different one. The goal was to create armour, strength and empowerment, yet elegance and dynamics, all without losing the natural feminine.

I decided to leave plenty of clear skin, using the weave and flow as the main elements to grab the viewers attention, and the final result ended up being this interlocking scale-armour with a perfect flow once the client moves the arm.

The name is based on the nordic Jotunn, later Goddess named Skaði, a goddess of Winter, mountains, hunting and skiing, but she most likely had an original portfolio as a goddess of Sejd and Galdremagic. Through the sagas we know she was well versed in the magic of the runes.

Project was designed and outlined by me, and shaded with my instructions by Uffe Berenth.

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The Birdhem
This was based on both Freya in birdhem, and of Ilmatar, if i remember correctly.
I used ornaments in negative that are used both in Finnish folk-ornaments, and in Viking age decorations.

Below is a picture of the tattoo when it was just done, the above image has a few white spots in some of the lines, due to the client being a new mother, which can sometimes conflict with healing.

One of my oldest and seemingly most beloved projects. I would estimate that of all the tattoos i receive in emails, where potential clients asks for “Something just like this”, the Stormwyrm would be number 1.

Compared to the work i do now, it is much lighter, much less dense. Usually i cover the skin around 70-90 % now, but here it is around 40-50%. But it was the first of its kind, and it suits the owner so very well. So very well in fact that it became an internet meme somehow, being used to portrait what Tribal tattoos could be.

This was my first real stumble into the fantastic world of the Mammen style, playing around with it’s contra-shapes, intense spirals and the stark circular eyes. A start down a very epic path.

Photo by Kasia Skrzypek

Armour of Rams

Another armour-piece of old, this inspired by Tandgnistr and Tandgnostr, the goats pulling the wagon of Thor.

The Armour of Rams is by now an old project of mine, but one i still hold in a special place, both for the wearer and the project itself. It is one of my earliest large-scale nordic tattoos, and was an attempt at making a more abstract viking tattoo, something similar to an actual armour.

Stylewise, i made an early attempt at going for the Mammen-style in the broader strokes, and used patterns more based on Borre.

The tattoo took a lot of dedication both form my client and myself, but it was a truly enjoyable project to do, and i think we listened to everything by Tenacious D around 80 times in total while creating this.

Done around 2011/2012

Photo by Kasia Skrzypek

By now, this would rank as an old project of mine, but i still like to feature it, cause i still love the project and having had the honour of doing it.
Much of it covers up an old scar that has been quite difficult to deal with, but every bit of the difficulty has been compensated by the great company Michael provided during his sessions.
We still have a sleeve to finish, which i hope will happen someday in the future.

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A very early challenge for a very inexperienced me. Jorgo, the wearer of this tattoo, is of Greek decent, a father, a kindhearted poet and a left-wing rebel. All in all, a rather good mix.
In my early days of tattooing, he offered me his skin for a squid-project and i took it on, overthinking the concept and making plans i could not bring to life. Originally, i the Greek swastika-design was to be a stencil transferred to the skin, but this proved impossible, so instead i ended up freehand drawing it. This was my first time doing such a thing, which is something i have later become known for doing, and something i definitely enjoy doing as well.

Photo by Kasia Skrzypek

I do not claim to be a proper Polynesian artist, but i do appreciate the chances i have had to create pieces like this.
Michaels arm was definitely something that sent me on a path of larger projects, and i am still proud to have created this tattoo. The powerful spearhead designs coming down the outside was especially a fun element to do.

A strange note – I have had people from all over the world emailing this specific tattoo to me, saying they want a Nordic tattoo just like it. So i feel i should be polite and give a disclaimer here – This is not a Nordic tattoo. Thank you.

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