Clad in Feathers.

Ravens and geometry, a mixture that is difficult not to like. The sleeve was started in Copenhagen, quite a few years ago and finally had the finishing touches added in late 2017.


Mandalas and geometry has since become a rather common element in most tattoo-studios, but i still believe that if done with character and thought, it is perfect and complimenting elements to the canvas that the human body is.


The first raven-tattoo that i did was originally designed by a young danish artist, and admittedly that specific design has infused how i do contemporary designs both then and now.


Over the years, the way i draw birds have taken on a more and more neo-traditional style, but they tend to retain the rather “carved” and rigid style that i like. Gaëlle, the wearer of the project, has since then become a tattoo-apprentice in her own right, and i am quite proud to have helped open such a path for her.