Surtr, the Blackened flame

“Surtr, the fiery giant will come from the South, wielding a blade of shining white, to bring war to the doorstep of the Aesir, and to bring about the ending of the old world”


This project was a very different challenge to me, it presented both complex and simple ideas, much of which i had to somehow convey from dream and phantasmal ideas into functional and dynamic art on the skin of Ed Gamester. I honestly believe that no other client would have been ready for this project when it came to me, but Ed is made of different things, so when i presented him with the concept, it was met with joy and a solemn dedication.

The lower leg was done at the Frankfurt tattoo convention some years ago, winning the 2nd place for best tribal if i remember correctly.

Inspired by the Viking artwork that adorns stones, swords and jewelry alike, I aimed for something dark and inspired by the Jottnar, more than Aesir or Vanir.

This specific tattoo is one of the pieces that keeps returning to my inbox as inspiration, other clients hoping they can match the massive undertaking that something of this style is. To this day i have still only made this one in the style of magma and hardening rock.

Sutr ferr sunnan
með sviga lævi
skinn af sverði
sól valtiva


Surtr moves from the south
with the scathe of branches
there shines from his sword
the sun of Gods of the Slain