Armour of Ascension

There are so many things to say about this project that i hardly know where to start, but logic demands that we start at the beginning.
Arms came first, with the chest-piece. I think initially we were simply aiming for epic sleeves.

We set out for elegance and armour, and somewhere along the way i guess the word Bodysuit came up. We are almost done with the upper body, and we have started the legs already, yet there is of course more to do.
I adorned the chest with a very decorated Yggdrasil, and David, the wearer, decided that details were the best thing ever, so we simply started pouring fine details into ever part of the tattoo hereafter.

The style in focus is Urnes, even the background is built on the roof-designs of that specific Stave-church. The Godmask is more Jelling/Mammen inspired, as there are no Urnes Godmasks, but i did try to spin it softer and with a more late-iron age flow.

With the ravens on the ribs, we wanted to create much heavier details, and make the birds themselves almost sharp to the touch, so everything from the weave itself to the ornaments are in abundance.

Both hands have bind-runes, as does the feet/shins, with different wards and binds of empowerment involved. I made them in sharp contrast to the very organic feel that the rest of the project has.

I think i should note here – David, my client, is one of those mad favourites of mine. I have lots of freedom to do what i want, he gives great input and just hopes for great results and have patience and trust that i will deliver. It is a perfect process for a bodysuit, only slightly hindered by the fact that we are 3 continents apart, but frequent flying from Cape Town to Europe has now been proven to work for tattoos.

Photography by Heywood Similon