The Wolves of Ragnarok

“It begins with three winters of wars in Miðgarð. Then Fimbulvetr follows, the winter of winters, with bitter frosts and biting winds. Three such winters will follow with no summer between them”

“Then the end will begin. The wolf Skoll will seize the sun and swallow her, spattering Ásgarð with gore. The wolf Hati will catch the moon and mangle him. The stars will vanish. The earth will shake. Every bond and fetter will burst, and Fenrir himself will be set loose upon the worlds”

“The Wolves of Ragnarok” was to me a groundbreaking challenge. The client wanted full and heavy coverage, and use of a single colour, so in order to create a heavy and graphic result with a feel of impending doom, we went with the dark red.

The wolves carry a lot of inspiration all the way back to my first 2-3 nordic wolves, and it was an amazing experience revisiting those ideas, yet reforming them into shapes with which i could fit 3 full beasts onto an arm.

The choice of style is of course mainly based on my own version of Mammen, with bits of Jelling and Ringerike mixed in there for certain effects.

The sleeve is different, but a direction i really enjoy and hope to proceed in.


Photography by Heywood Similon