Blood Red Branches

“Huginn and Muninn, with dark red elements and a strong flavour of Norse mythology”

Blood red branches is the first time i played around with nordic elements, but a japanese composition. While my work is almost always dominated by Nordic art or geometry, i find the build-up and dynamics of Japanese tattoos to be absolutely amazing, and i wanted to use some of that strange static life for this piece.

Stylised birds are not an easy thing to create to be honest, at least not if you want it to be clearly readable as a specific bird, yet also done in a style that will hold up well with age.

Dragons and birds, it is the same feet really, these amazing armoured talons,

I chose to use Ashwood leaves for the background, since it needed the nordic feel and Ash Yggdrasil is indeed an Ashwood.

Overall, i feel that this ended up like a modern/contemporary viking tattoo, without straying too far off the path.