Berserker armour

Disclaimer – This tattoo has come with much grievance and annoyance, plus pain, sweat and more pain.
Luckily, we are all very very happy with the result.

Done in collaboration with the wonderful Catalina Bugni –

Where to start? Well, let us start with the beginning of this tale – Patrick began his time under my needle by deeply frustrating me, and this was then something he continued to do for a few years.
Normally, i enjoy being challenged and frustrated, but my frustration with Patrick came from him not understanding how i work, and that i do my own designs and creations (plus much more). So i was annoyed at this stubborn man, and he was undoubtedly annoyed by me. I will not get too into details here, just know that that teeth were gritted.

On his first sessions, his right arm was done, part cover-up, part extension.

Second set of sessions included an improvised bear, that i believe i did not want to actually do. In hindsight, this is rather silly, especially considering how epic the bear turned out. This happened with the patience, skills and help of Catalina. Oh, and a raven happened too. Both Bear and Raven was shaded in Germany by Cat.
It is worth mentioning that i had zero idea that Patrick wanted a contemporary illustration of a bear until he was at my studio for his sessions.

After this, we finally reached common ground. Patrick was ready to let go and let me do what i do, and i was finally ready to accept that Patrick did not conform to my ideas. Most importantly, we had learned to listen to each other and understand.

Inspired by the hip-piece on my friend Brad, we aimed for a similar dynamical form on Patrick, but inspired by artefacts and shapes from Northern Europe.
Once this was done, we had a day to spare, and we knew the back needed to get tattooed as well, so in what i can best describe as an epic feat, Patrick took the pain and i dealt with the hard work, creating a full-back godmask, and a somewhat undead raven as well.

If it is not obvious from my writing above – Patrick is a good friend and returning client, and we both fully recognise how we originally failed at comprehending each other. Our sessions are some of the most intense, and most entertaining, and I look much forward to having him in my studio again, for both ink and company.