Simple story – Make angry bear fighting a snake, make it epic. In fact, make it into a bit of a Werebear, and grumpier.

Making something distinctly bear-ish while remaining within the Nordic styles is fairly tricky, at least if you do not want the creature to look somewhat tame or goofy at the same time. I tend to go quite far the other way, creating very angry-looking werebears or direbears in the proocess, like this friendly looking creature.

My client was quite happy to let me have my usual creative freedom, including with the use of the red, so i went for heavy density and some bulky areas, to create good room for the details to stand out

This might be my favourite snake/wyrm of all time. It looks madly silly, yet at the same time i would not want to be bitten by it. Body is filled with a bronze-age inspired pattern