Armour of Urnes

“An homage to the worksmanship of the amazing Urnes church and the style it dominates”.

This entire project had to be freehanded, despite of the complexity of the background pattern. Each element was carefully chosen, from the shape of the wyrm and the runes, to the Rus viking styled pattern.

The “Scale” pattern is based on carvings from a rune-staff found in Aros. It carries this pattern, and some simple inscribed runes. The client and i opted for adding the fylfot pattern based on findings from Slavic countries ruled by the Rus Vikings.

Although it was tempting to stick to the really clean and simple Urnes-beasts, i wanted something that looked more alive and fierce, so i added both belly-scales and a spine to give this impression

The head of the wyrm had to be clear Urnes style, with the dropshaped eye and everything in place.

It is to me remarkable that the style most dominant at the end of the viking age is the style that reminds me the most of the much earlier Celtic styles of the La Téne culture.