Armour of the Guardian

I do not really know where to start the text for this tattoo, except by saying Thank you to Josh, for being an amazing, patient and enduring client. I got to spend as much time as i wanted on details, details and more details (while maintaining contrast of course), while Josh patiently just encouraged my madness. The best kind of client 🙂

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I have named the sleeve the Armour of the Guardian because it carries 2 of such characters, Heimdall on the front, and a Valkyrie on the back. Both are heavily intertwined in the weave that springs from the top of the sleeve armour, yet i made sure they would stand alone and apart, to figure as unique characters.

The Valkyrie was heavily inspired by the many artefacts of Goddesses and Valkyries from the Viking age, plus a few Bracteate designs as well.

The scales of the armour is inspired by the odd creature called a Pangolin, a real-life living ball of spiky armour. Each scale was given unique bind-runes, empowering the piece with details.

And of course, there is a bear involved, since Josh is himself a bit of a sizeable bear-human. Mammen/Jelling inspired, it is battling a snake on the inner arm.

Last but not least, the piece has a massive Bind-rune as a centerpiece, made for protection, power and warding.