A pathway to the East.

I have no proper means of describing this project yet.
It has been an enormous transition for me as an artist to be allowed to start such a piece as this, which is planned to be a bodysuit.
The inspiration for the back has been focused on Tibetan artwork, the center piece itself was freehand drawn onto the skin, to obtain the correct format, instead of trying to stencil a square shape onto the dynamic bodyshape.

The patterns are all custom created for this piece, again based on the shapes and forms from Tibetan artwork.

Later on, the legs will be designed with more focus on ancient Mesopotamia and the mythology from there.

Framing the centerpiece with these black areas and the flowing plantlife was a great way for me to accentuate the feminine, while retaining a strong and powerful expression.

The Mandala was the first part of the tattoo that i did. It was a great honour to be allowed to make something so near to the traditional art, and the idea of freehanding this design made perfect sense in every way.